The mission of The Abundant Journey is to connect with full-time traveling families and individuals to cultivate a Gospel-centered, Mission-focused, Adventure-driven community, in the name of Christ.

Who Are We Reaching?

According to a survey by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) more than 1 million people are now living full-time in their RV. Over half of these numbers are younger families with children. RVIA also stated that the potential for new RV buyers is increasing as well. Through a communication report, RVIA says that 40% of Americans have the potential of purchasing an RV in the next year.

The full-time RV movement demographics are changing rapidly. What began as a retirement dream is becoming a lifestyle choice for many who have decided to shed off materialistic pursuits and seek simplicity, and purposeful life experiences. These pursuers of an alternative “American Dream” have taken to the road in order to re-center themselves around what truly matters. The Abundant Journey believes they may be on to something. We want to meet these families in this pursuit of abundant life and encourage missional service and evangelism in the name of Jesus Christ the supplier of eternal life.

The struggle is how does a people group in a constant state of travel remain connected to the body of Christ? How does the church continue to reach these families as they pursue this meaningful lifestyle? We hope to educate local churches about these families and help make meaningful connections. This is not the responsibility of one single congregation but the whole Church. We must ask ourselves, what if there was a group of people that could respond to the needs of the church wherever and whenever? How could we, as the church, support and encourage them? (Heb. 10:24; Eph 4:12; Rom 12:5)

The Different Types of RVers

Thanks to membership organizations, Facebook groups, and other social media outlets you can see there are nearly 200,000 families, individuals, and couples living full-time in RVs. These numbers can be broken down further into a few categories.

  • Full-time stationery – Stationary RVers are, as the name suggests, living full-time in an RV but not traveling. This lifestyle is chosen for many reasons. They may be simply trying to save money in order to pay off debt, or they have chosen this because they simply want to declutter. Others have become stationary RVers because they had no other choice.
  • Seasonal RVers – This group stays long term in certain locations usually for 5-9 months out of the year. They may be campground hosts or take on some other seasonal work. Some are just feeling like taking in the sights for an extended period of time.
  • Nomadic RVers – These RVers move around often. Some will stay and little as one-two nights in one area before moving on.

How Are We Connecting

Through Service

Using video and other media we will showcase missions in North America and encourage this community to follow us as we follow Christ by becoming servants. (1 Cor. 11:1; Matt. 25:35-40)

This community values time doing meaningful things. In fact, that is the reason most are choosing this lifestyle. There are others that pursue this way of life for different reasons but most are just looking for meaningful ways to spend time with their family and friends. Our goal is to direct this and show other ways time can be spent in meaningful ways. Through service, we will highlight missions across the country to connect with this community.

Through the Gospel

Using social media and meetups we will bring the Gospel to this community through teaching, devotions, and other resources.

As we build relationships within this community we hope to offer frequent meetups throughout the country. Using members from the community these meetups will involve fellowship, teaching, worship, and service. How great would it be to see members of the body coming together under these circumstances, as witnesses across the country? I think we have seen something like this before. (Acts 2:42-47)

Through Adventure

Being an RVer comes with a certain expectation… to see and experience wonderful and exciting things all over this great country! This is third way we are building community, by hosting fellowship events focused on adventure and creating opportunities for long-lasting family memories.

How We Are Different

Other RV ministries focus on specific campgrounds or traveling to different area parks to speak to the residents staying there. This is often is seen as intrusive and reactive. Instead, we will focus on building community as we all travel. Instead of being someone outside of the lifestyle we will connect through the lifestyle. We want to travel and build relationships with these families not just meet them as they pass by.

We will also be creating common ground through like experiences. Traveling will be a part of the ministry, staying in the same parks, members of the same clubs, and driving to the same places with these families will be. We are not outsiders barging into camp… we are helping set up camp.

Maybe you understand the mission but not the community.

We would like to help with that. Our goal is to educate the local church on these families and encourage a lasting connection between these families and the church. Even though you may only have a short time before the family moves on we want to help make an impact so this community knows the church is here to support, encourage, and minister to their family.


How can I help as a church?

  • Where ever these families are staying there is a local church nearby. We want to build that connection with local churches. It is powerful to highlight the vast reach of the church and cast a large net of prayer.
  • The goal is to show love and support to these families as they pursue a meaningful life and maintain a connection to the church as a whole. Someday this lifestyle for them may come to an end as they decided to settle down and put down roots. We want them to know the church was with them during this season so they feel welcomed.
  • The easiest and most direct way is to reach out to area RV parks, campgrounds, national parks, and Bureau of Land Management Properties (BLM) with a simple connection card inviting full-time RV families to church. You can download it here. This card can be customized by placing your church logo and updating the service times. Simply print some and leave them at the parks. As we travel and make connections with these families and campgrounds we will let them know to look out for these cards. This is the way to know you are a church connected to The Abundant Community and are purposefully reaching out to these families.
  • Another goal of this ministry is to host national meetups for these families. Maybe your church would be willing to be a host church for this event? These events would happen as often as we can and become more frequent as our connections with families grow. To learn more about hosting an Abundant Meetup contact us here.